Mexican Fiesta Cactus Brooch
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Mexican Fiesta Cactus Brooch

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What would a Mexican Fiesta be without a Pinata?!?  Pretty boring I say....And what would be even more fun is if the pinata was in the shape of a cactus, right?!?  It would probably be cooler still if it were a cactus pinata that had lights, and if that cactus pinata with lights also had a built in karaoke machine....

But, I digress......

This cactus pinata inspired brooch was laser cut in Buninyong, Australia using the eco-friendly wood of the Alder Tree.  Alder trees have a rapid growth rate and help increase nitrogen and organic matter in the soil, which assists in the improvement of soils with poor fertility.

The cactus is hand painted before being sealed with a jewellers grade resin.  It measures approximately 5.6cms high and 4cms wide and has a 30mm brooch pin attached to the back.

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